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Thanks for taking the time to see my work.  I've always been a scribbler and doodler. Even so, I didn't become serious about painting until I began working digitally about twenty years ago. I began my digital work around 1998.  You may think that digital art programs would not lend themselves to any freedom and frivolity, but I managed to bend them to the places I wanted to go. Even though it wasn't a traditional way of making art, all the same rules apply regarding composition, color and rendering.  

Over the last few years I've moved back to traditional ways of making images, returning to pencils and oil paint. There’s something to be said for a mark on a piece of paper or canvas that can never be duplicated. No matter what mark is made upon the paper, canvas or wood, and no matter if it's made with a pencil, brush, broom or hatchet, it is a unique expression and intent of the maker.

I’ll be adding more work here, as I continue to fling paint around the studio.  You can’t learn it all, but you can damned well try. If you are interested in purchasing any paintings, please contact me by clicking the "contact"  link above.

- Will

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